Rambu FAQ


What does Rambu mean?

Rambu is short for Rambutan. But don’t worry, there’s nothing short about our flavor!

Is there a story behind Rambu?

Yes. You can read about the Rambu story and the inspiration that started it all.

Why should I drink Rambu?

What else would you do with it? Take a bath? Rambu is chock-full of Vitamin B3, B5, B6, B12, Vitamin C, and Electrolytes. With 15 Calories and 4g of sugar (or less) per bottle, you may actually be so excited that taking a bath in it is not out of the question.

What makes Rambu different from every other beverage on the market?

Rambu introduces a new flavor profile that isn’t found in any other beverage on the market. We start with Rambutan in every bottle and then add in flavors you already know and enjoy. In addition to being delicious and having nutritional value, we also commit a portion of each and every bottle sold to support refugee rights around the world.

Are there any artificial sweeteners?

No way.

How are there 4g or less of sugar in each bottle?

Amazing, right? We use 3 – 4g of organic sugar, add in some organic stevia, and a sprinkle of Monkfruit extract (a zero calorie sweetener). We stay away from sugar alcohols and want you to consume only the best ingredients, while still indulging in a great tasting product.

Is Rambu gluten-free?


Should I refrigerate Rambu?

Rambu is shelf stable and great on the go. Refrigeration is really up to you. We like to serve Rambu chilled especially on hot summer days.

Will Watermelon, Coconut, and Mango be your only flavors?

No, we’re working on blending new and exciting flavor combinations to titillate your tastebuds. Stay tuned!

What kind of packaging does Rambu come in? Is it recyclable?

Rambu comes in fully-recyclable, BPA-free, PET bottles.

How can I get Rambu into my local grocery stores?

Great Question! We suggest you downoad our sell sheet and request Rambu at Customer Service, or ask a manager if they carry Rambu. You can also contact us and let us know where you need to see us. We promise to get right to work on getting you supplied. We have a growing list of retailers here.

How can I stay in touch?

Check us out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (@DrinkRambu), use #DrinkRambu to share how much you love us! For any sales inquires, or questions, feel free to contact us directly at hello@DrinkRambu.com.