Our Story

The inspiration behind Rambu stems from my family, our background as Cambodian refugees, and our love for the Rambutan fruit. Rambutans are nutrient rich, filled with fiber and vitamins; and yes, they are delicious! The idea of sharing this fruit with the rest of the country was born when I introduced Rambutans to my husband and friends for the first time. Like many other fruits, Rambutans are best consumed when they are fresh and in season. To remedy not being able to enjoy Rambutans in the off season, we thought why not bottle up the flavor, mix it with complementary flavors, infuse it with electrolytes and additional vitamins and Boom, Rambu was born!

Drink Rambu Helps Cambodian Refugees

But we wanted to do more than just create a beverage. We wanted to create a beverage experience that allowed consumers to both bring value to themselves as well as to others. To do just that, we’ve partnered with an organization that helps support refugee families, similar to mine, gain basic human rights.

As a company, we’re excited about the constant innovation, and usages of exotic fruits becoming more mainstream with a growing diverse population. As consumers, we’re excited about drinking a beverage that not only pairs healthy hydration with great taste but also contributes to positively impacting others.

Ra Tardif, Co-Founder

Ra Tardif, Co-Founder